A Marketing-Centric Approach

Strategic Growth Initiative (SGI) focuses on growing businesses. We believe for a company to implement a growth plan they must be strategic, intentional and committed to the effort. We work with your company's leadership to turn visions into reality. And we have our own approach to how we get it done.


We lead and facilitate strategic growth initiatives using what we label as a "marketing-centric approach" for defining your company's vision, brand, systems, alignment and community.  Once clearly defined, these five items create the fundamental foundation for you to build your business development and growth plan.

For every company there is a unique environment of competitors and perception of the complexity of the product or services you provide. This environment can be understood as a "playing field" on which you do business. There a fundamentally different types of playing fields with different rules, requirements, and strategies. Our "Marketing-Centric" versus "Sales-Centric" approach focuses on your customer's experience of you and provides your company with the tools to take control in a highly competitive landscape with limited or defined resources.

The sales component of the business development process is dynamic and ever-changing because it is driven, managed and implemented by people.  People need the right mind set, skills set and tool sets to excel. With a Marketing-Centric approach skill training and sales support tools are developed through a systematic approach in alignment with the company's vision and brand. This allows sales teams and leadership to focus on creating revenue and maintaining the right mind set.

In today's global markets, for a organization to create a sustainable and scalable growth model they must:

  • Clearly define their vision, markets and customers;
  • Develop and position a unique and identifiable brand;
  • Implement marketing and sales support systems and reporting; and
  • Foster and strengthen their community

If this make sense for you and your company and you want to learn more contact us.  After an initial interview process we start with a Marketing-Centric Snapshot of your business. We make working with SGI simple and easy.

Our Brands

In 2009, we made decision to start launching separate operating divisions within SGI in order to provide a higher quality of service to our clients. SGI focuses on strategic planning and implementation while its boutique brands, BusyWorkerBee, eBee5 and Sugar Pros provide tactical and marketing support services. By leveraging the same common vision, approach and methodology, these virtual SGI teams allow us to bring additional value and synergies to our clients.

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