Strategic Initiatives Create Successful Results

SGI facilitates the implementation of strategic initiatives. Each initiative is part of our market-centric approach as it relates to the creative vision and brand of a company. And, each new initiative has a specific beginning and end point determined by a specific and definable outcomes.

We help execute only initiatives that are accountable to an outcome with specific performance metrics to evaluate success and ROI. As part of the alignment component of our market-centric approach, each initiative is implemented with a shared responsibility and ownership among all stakeholders — leadership, marketing, and sales.

This approach on strategic growth initiatives allows you to more appropriately leverage your entire organization on behalf of the objectives of each initiative rather than regulating or marginalizing the marketing or business development efforts to be just the responsibility of a single department or leadership team.

We believe this unique approach is more than a semantic difference between us and other business development consultants. We believe it is so important that embedded it into our name.

Measure Progress

On a road trip we can measure the miles. As our children grow we can measure the inches. For any process of change, milestones and indicators can be identified to track and measure our progress toward the desired goal.

As it is with growth. No matter what the growth goal, there will be patterns that can be tracked to ensure that progress is being made according to the intention of the initiative. The tracking of these patterns will allow us to make changes and adaptations during implementation to ensure that we are correctly responding to the market experience.

During the planning process SGI develops a Baseline Guide, which forms the foundation for this evaluation. It is a powerful component – and step – in the development of a strategic growth initiative.

Our Brands

In 2009, we made decision to start launching separate operating divisions within SGI in order to provide a higher quality of service to our clients. SGI focuses on strategic planning and implementation while its boutique brands, BusyWorkerBee, eBee5 and Sugar Pros provide tactical and marketing support services. By leveraging the same common vision, approach and methodology, these virtual SGI teams allow us to bring additional value and synergies to our clients.

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