Beyond Tactics to a Real Strategy

Far too often "strategic" becomes an overused and meaningless term. Everyone seems to use it simply to add gravity to the task at hand.

Strategy becomes a list of tactics associated with a goal, rather than a intentional premeditated systematic plan of action grounded in scenarios to respond to potential and changing market conditions. SGI knows that growing a business isn't simple and that to increase the likelihood of success, there must be a real and documented strategy before growth initiatives can be effectively launched.

To build a sustainable growth model around our market-centric approach, we believe that a strategy should include all of the following components:

  • Goals: Establish desired short, mid and long-term outcomes in alignment with your company's vision.
  • Market Conditions: Understanding the external and environmental factors that create your' "playing field".
  • Target Markets: Determining which markets you can cost effectively enter and compete in.
  • Market Scope: Knowing what kind of activities and marketing are involved in each of your target markets.
  • Advantages: Defining how your product or service performs better than the competition in those markets.
  • Resources: Acquiring the required skills, assets, financing, relationships, technical competence, and tools needed to succeed.
  • Community Impact: Leveraging the value and support of those who are potential stakeholders in and around your business.
  • Implementation: Establish reasonable deadlines so that your systems and leadership have adequate time to align with your marketing and sales efforts.

In our unique market centric approach, strategic planning leads to growth through tactical initiatives.

Our Brands

In 2009, we made decision to start launching separate operating divisions within SGI in order to provide a higher quality of service to our clients. SGI focuses on strategic planning and implementation while its boutique brands, BusyWorkerBee, eBee5 and Sugar Pros provide tactical and marketing support services. By leveraging the same common vision, approach and methodology, these virtual SGI teams allow us to bring additional value and synergies to our clients.

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